Use rating icons

Sonos apps use ratings icons as buttons for listeners to rate tracks and streams. These buttons reflect the state of the listener-chosen rating.

First, determine the type of ratings you plan to offer. Sonos only supports up to two icons being displayed at once. Each icon can have a max of two states. For example, a double icon implementation could be expressed as one thumbs-up rating and one thumbs-down rating, each with two states: selected or not selected.

Ratings icons

Sonos offers icons that cover many of the common scenarios for use in your configuration. Sonos hosts these images on a CDN with edge caching. These icons are available on the Content Actions page in your Integration Submission Form.

Ban - Unselected
Ban - Selected
Heart - Unselected
Heart - Selected
Star - Unselected
Star - Selected
Thumbs Down - Unselected
Thumbs Down - Selected
Thumbs Up - Unselected
Thumbs Up - Selected