Add images

Depending on the type, images can consist of line art or photographs. Your content service sends these images to the Sonos app to render.

The Sonos app displays the following image types:

Image typeDescription
Album artImages associated with an album, artist, or playlist.
Custom browse iconsArt that represents a category, genre, or other container type in the Sonos app.
Ratings iconsLine art images that represent the rating states available to the user.
Service logosImages that represent your brand and service in the music catalog.

General image requirements

To ensure the highest-quality visual experience on the Sonos app, be sure to follow the image requirements outlined below.

PNG and JPEG files

Images must be delivered in:

  • a density of 72 DPI
  • JPEG or PNG format
  • specific resolutions (dependent on image type)


DPI settings

Files that specify a different DPI setting may not display correctly in every Sonos app.

SVG files

You must save SVG images in the SVG Basic 1.1 profile.

Validate your SVG using the W3C Markup Validation service. Be sure that the Document Type is specifically set to SVG 1.1 Basic.


SVG line art

Do not use SVG <mask> or <text> elements or hidden layers in your line art. Doing so will cause display problems in the Sonos app.

Supported image formats for Sonos controllers

Version 5 of the Sonos app introduced a redesign that can use the high-resolution displays of iOS and Android devices.

The Windows and MacOS apps, and discontinued Sonos hardware controllers (such as the Sonos CONTROL/CR200) are considered legacy controllers. These controllers still use images in PNG format. Therefore, you must submit your logos in PNG format as well.

The table below lists the supported Sonos apps and image formats:

Sonos appsDescriptionLegacy?Product docsImage format
ACR ACR-HDPIAndroid app for tablets and phonesNoSonos app for mobile devicesSVG
ICRiOS appNoSonos app for mobile devicesSVG
CR200Custom Sonos controllerYesSonos CONTROL (CR200) PDFPNG
MDCRMac OS desktop appYesSonos app for Mac or PCPNG
WDCRWindows desktop appYesSonos app for Mac or PCPNG

Dark mode

Sonos is adding support for dark mode on iOS and Android. The Sonos apps will follow the device app theme by default and users will be able to change the app theme via their Sonos App Settings (Settings > App Preferences > Appearance).