Add ratings

Ratings enable users to share feedback on their preferences for tracks in your programmed radio or on-demand music service. SMAPI supports various rating types, determined by your service configurations.

While many ratings are represented as binary states using integer values (such as 0 and 1), combining icons, like a thumbs-up/thumbs-down pair, creates more intricate rating sets.

Rating interfaces

Rating interfaces can take many forms. When implemented, rating icons are displayed on the Now Playing view as selectable buttons that enable listeners to rate tracks.

Ratings and the play experience

How ratings affect the music-playing experience is up to your service, but there is an expectation that smart radio stations will give preference to positively-rated tracks and avoid negatively-rated tracks.

Ensure that the interface is consistent between Sonos and your service. For example, if your native app features a two-button, thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating interface, then you should provide the same interface for users on Sonos controllers.

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