Sonos Music API

Sonos uses the Sonos Music API (SMAPI) to communicate with your music service. SMAPI is a platform independent, language independent, Web services API that uses SOAP version 1.1 for messaging. Sonos can access your service over HTTP 1.1 and HTTPS. Sonos describes SMAPI using a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and XSD (XML Schema Definition). Download the WSDL from SOAP requests and responses.

Sonos is the client of SMAPI. Sonos players and apps send requests via SMAPI to your service endpoint. Your service should respond to these requests. This enables Sonos users to access their own personal accounts on your service using Sonos apps and players. Add your service endpoints to the version manager form before you submit your service for review. Test your endpoints during development using the custom service descriptor (custom SD) page for a player. See Test your service for details.

See Content Service: Get Started for details about creating your SMAPI service.


Unless otherwise noted, Sonos players send requests to your insecure endpoint. However, we will soon change this so that players send requests to your secure endpoint (we'll let you know when this happens).

You should be able to handle all requests over your secure endpoint once we make this change.

Categories of SMAPI requests

Click an API link to go to the reference page. Or a link to an overview on Sonos Labs for more details.


See Add authentication for details.

Browse & search

See Content on Sonos for details.

Personalize content

See Content Service: Add Features for details.


See Add playlists for details.


These APIs are deprecated

See Add reporting for details.


See Streaming basics for details.