Add album art

The Sonos app displays album art in many different screens and sizes. Image size depends on the UI view and the size of the mobile device:

Large album art on **Now Playing** screen

Large album art on Now Playing screen

Medium-sized images  on **Album List View** screen

Medium-sized images on Album List View screen

Small-sized images on **Artist List View** screen

Small-sized images on Artist List View screen

Provide images in multiple resolutions

Sonos recommends that you provide the PNG or JPG images sized to the following resolutions:

  • 60 x 60
  • 80 x 80
  • 120 x 120
  • 180 x 180
  • 192 x 192
  • 200 x 200
  • 230 x 230
  • 300 x 300
  • 600 x 600
  • 640 x 640
  • 750 x 750
  • 1000 x 1000
  • 1242 x 1242
  • 1500 x 1500

If your service can't provide all the resolutions, the Sonos app will choose the best available size for each particular use. Provide more sizes to reduce the amount of resizing the Sonos app has to do.

Use image substitution for album art

Most album art consists of photographs. Unlike line art, photographs are not scalable by the Sonos app. To make up for this, the Sonos app uses image substitution to show high-quality album art on every screen and device. To take advantage of image substitution, your service should provide Sonos with album art in multiple resolutions. Instead of resizing one image for all screens and situations, the Sonos app will replace an image with the right resolution for each particular use.

Set up image substitution for album art

To set up image substitution for album art, define your album artwork sizes using the Image Replacement Rules in your Integration Submission Form.

Using regex patterns and replacement text, you can set up multiple rules to adjust images depending on context.

Create a default album art image

We recommend you create a default album art image and return its URI whenever you don't have specific album art to return in a response. If you leave the albumArtURI element empty, the Sonos app will use its default album art image shown below:

Use square album art for the best experience. If the album art is not square, the Sonos app centers it in the album view and crops it into a square for display.

Dark mode for default album art

Please make sure Default Album Art meet the following guidelines:

  • DO provide solid color image that works for light and dark backgrounds
  • DO NOT have your default album art match light (#D8D8D8) or dark (#262626) background colors.

Album art authentication

If your CDN requires authentication to access album art, you will need to do some further configuration. This feature is only available for services supporting authentication using getAppLink. For more information, see Add authentication.

To enable Sonos apps to pass authentication credentials as HTTP headers in a request for album art, you must add the requiresAuthentication attribute with a value of true to the albumArtURI element that is returned in trackMetadata responses (or streamMetadata as appropriate).

Sample response

  <artist>Saratoga Indiana</artist>
  <album>Forgiveness & Gratefulness</album>
  <albumArtURI requiresAuthentication="true"></albumArtURI>

When the requireAuthentication attribute is set to true as shown above, Sonos apps include the deviceLink credentials in an HTTPS get request against the URI specified in albumArtURI. These credentials will be found in the associated headers:

Header elementDescription
X-HouseHoldIdThe household ID of the Sonos system.
X-AuthKeyThe authorization key provided in the response of getDeviceAuthToken .
X-AuthTokenThe authorization token (authToken) provided in the response of getDeviceAuthToken .

Sample request


See getDeviceAuthToken for details.