Use the Control API to send commands to Sonos players and receive events about the state of the system.

Communicate with the player through the Control API:

The Control API on the LAN is not available for wide release. We'll add a blog post when it is available.

Use the Control API on the cloud to communicate with a Sonos player. The Sonos cloud manages the communication between your integration and the player. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Authorize your service with users to access their accounts through the cloud.
  2. Discover households and players on available on user accounts.
  3. Control players by sending commands through the cloud.
  4. Subscribe to receive events about changes to the Sonos system, such as volume changes.

Next steps

  • See the sound experience guidelines to learn how to design the best experience for your integration with Sonos.
  • Review the Control API reference material for details about the commands you can send and events you can receive.